Guest Perfomer

ELLADJ BALDE is a frequent guest performer with ITNY. Elladj just finished a very successful international competitive skating career for Canada.He was born November 9, 1990 in Moscow to a Russian mother and a Guinean father, Ibrahim, from the village of Tombon, near Labé. His elder sister, Djulde, died from leukemia. After a year in Bonn, Germany during his sister's treatment, the family moved to Quebec, Canada in 1992. Elladj was introduced to skating at the age of seven by his mother. Though at first he would hide his skates in an attempt to avoid practice, he began to love skating when he was ten. He is a 7-time Canadian National Senior Competitor and is the winner of the 2015 International Nebelhorn Trophy. He speaks English, French, and Russian.

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